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Jun 2021

Dolce si gorgonzola is made with cow whole milk, it is pearl-white in colour and has a creamy texture. Delicate, mild flavour.

Gorgonzola is a badge of excellence for the Italian Province of Novara.

Novara has been the home of the Consortium for the Protection of Gorgonzola Cheese since 1970.

Our family has been producing high quality gorgonzola for three generations and our passion for our work, attention to detail, experience and efficiency have gained us a leading position in this market.

In 1996 the European Union awarded DOC status to the area in which the milk is produced and the cheese made. The level of excellence required for this recognition extends to the hygiene standards in the milk producers' cowsheds ensuring that the milk that goes into the cheese is a thoroughly healthy product.

Under EU regulations, for our product to be awarded the PDO designation, the pasteurised whole milk we use to make our gorgonzola must come only from the area under the Consortium's control.

This means that we can guarantee our product is fully traceable and that its quality is consistent.

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