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Torino mobile ordering

14 August, 2016

You can now place your regular orders online or via your mobile or tablet with the launch of the innovative new Torino app.

Orders can be placed with ease in less than 30 seconds with the use of pantry lists. The app will also ensure you never miss out on upcoming promotions, special deals or updates with our innovative mobile messaging system. To start ordering with the new Torino app, follow these simple steps:

1. Download the free Torino Foods app via the Apple App store or Google Play.

2. Once downloaded, click the register button and complete the form. You will receive an instant email and Torino will verify your existing trade account.

3. Once you are verified, we will send you a confirmation email and you can start ordering straight away.

It’s FREE to download for Apple and most Android mobile devices and online ordering is also available from our website.

Place orders in less than 30 seconds by creating your very own pantry list. Ordering from pantry lists makes your life so much easier.

All your orders go directly into our accounting system, ensuring that your order is processed immediately and without delay. 

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