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Chianti is a product that has made Tuscany famous throughout the world. The clay-limestone soil combined with a favourable climate is ideal for grape cultivation. Rules for the production of Chianti were fixed as early as the 19th century and in 1932 regulations, governing the number of vines that could be grown per hector and the grape varieties to be used, were set. The area of production touches the provinces of Arezzo, Florence, Pisa, Pistoia, Prato and Siena. Chianti may be consumed , for some typologies, as youthful wine fresh and pleasant to palate. In some production zones , it’s well-know tendency to a medium and long ageing, gives it its mature unique colour, smell and taste . Service temperature: 18-20°C to be opened 1 one before

Main grapes are: Sangiovese 75-100%, Canaiolo up to 10%, 

Colour: Deep ruby red, tending to garnet with ageing.
Nose: red fruits and violet traces
Taste: harmonic, dry, savoury, slightly tannic, refining to soft and velvety with ageing

Paired with: Roast red meats, Tomato based pastas and pizza’s

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